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Author: Paul Fearnley
Format: Hardcover, 9” x 11”, 192 pages
Photos: 60 black-and-white and 81 color
Price: $225.00
Hunt vs. Lauda: The Publisher's Edition Hunt vs. Lauda: The Publisher's Edition
The Publisher’s Edition is signed by three-time world champion Niki Lauda, Ferrari race-car designer Mauro Forghieri, and McLaren team manager Alastair Caldwell. It also features an additional 32 pages of photographs and captions for a total length of 192 pages, compared to the standard edition’s 160 pages.

We are especially proud to have these three stellar racing individuals sign The Publisher’s Edition. Each, with the late James Hunt, was a prime mover in the remarkable story of the 1976 Formula One season. Gathered together in one book they represent an historic group that will resonate with motor racing aficionados. Please call now to reserve your copy and receive the lowest available number.

The page spreads below are examples of The Publisher’s Edition’s design style. As soon as all the signatures are complete we will post a signed and numbered bookplate.

The events shown on these pages are briefly described below, though in the book they are accompanied by extended captions far more informative than these IDs. From left to right:

1. Lauda leads Hunt in the French Grand Prix (L); Lauda wins the Belgian Grand Prix.
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2. Lauda applies opposite lock in Spain (L); Hunt leads Mass past a spinning Regazzoni after a crash following the start of the British Grand Prix (R).

3. Hunt and Lauda joke after their 1-2 finish in England (L); Standing to the right of Regazzoni’s car Mauro Forghieri synchronizes his watch (R)

4. A Texaco billboard (top) and sign (bottom) antagonized the tifosi at Monza (L); At Mosport in Canada Lauda leads McLarens’s Jochen Mass in a race Hunt won. (R)

5. At rain-soaked Fuji, Hunt and Lauda joke with Ronnie Peterson, on the right. In the race Hunt finished third to win the championship. Lauda, still healing from the Nürburgring crash, withdrew because of the terrible conditions.
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