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Author: Julian Ryder
Format: Hardcover, 9” by 11”, 208 pages
Photos: 250 color photos
ISBN: 1-893618-91-9
Price: $29.95
MotoGP Season Review 2007 MotoGP Season Review 2007
The official MotoGP Season Review 2007 follows the successful format of the preceding editions, combining Julian Ryder’s lively race-by-race analysis with an astonishing collection of race data. Details include: qualifying times with gaps to the pole-winning time; graphic lap-by-lap performance charts showing each rider’s progress (or backward slide through the field); race-, lap-, and fastest-lap times; the average speed for each rider; track maps with sections annotated with average speed and gear selection choices; points standings; and a thumbnail report of each rider’s race. read more >
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The book also presents a detailed technical review of the new-for-2007 800cc four-stroke racing motorcycles that break the 200mph barrier at more than half the circuits they visit. The fantastic reference content of MotoGP Season Review 2007 is supported by stunning photography by Andrew Northcott that offers dramatic track action and vivid scenes of the paddock and garage areas.
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