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Author: By János Wimpffen
Format: Hardcover, 11” by 13”, 400 pages
Photos: 229 color and 327 black-and-white
ISBN: 1-893618-78-1
Price: $295.00
Winged Sports Cars and Enduring Innovation (The Publisher's Edition) Winged Sports Cars and Enduring Innovation (The Publisher's Edition)
Signed by Mario Andretti, Vic Elford, Dan Gurney, Gerard Larrousse, and Nino Vacarrella. Sports car racing’s decade of greatest diversity occurred between 1962 and 1971, perhaps the richest and most exciting period in sports car racing history. This ten-year span featured an epic struggle between the two giants of the sports car world—Ferrari and Porsche—accompanied by a host of successful challengers, including Ford, Alfa Romeo, Shelby Cobra, and Chaparral. Manufacturers were also were locked in fierce contests to develop cutting-edge technology in aerodynamics, engines, and tires. These charismatic cars possessed an unrivaled combination of grace and power. read more >
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This meticulously researched and edited photographic essay captures an era of spectacular Manufacturers Championship competition. In addition to covering the major manufacturers, Winged Sports Cars and Enduring Innovation explores a fascinating supporting cast of smaller-displacement cars, specialty builders, and “one-offs.” Many of the great drivers, team leaders, and constructors are revealed in compelling portraits.

János Wimpffen, author of the critically acclaimed Time and Two Seats and Open Roads and Front Engines weaves each image into the context of that season’s racing and the various themes of the era. Most of these photographs have never been published before, and each was personally selected by the author during his visits to archives throughout the world.

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