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Author: Bob Zeller, with Rusty Wallace
Format: Hardcover, 9" x 10", 160 pages
Photos: 189 color and black-and-white illustrations
ISBN: 1-893618-09-9
Price: $79.95
Rusty Wallace: The Decision to Win (The Publisher's Edition) Rusty Wallace: The Decision to Win (The Publisher's Edition)
The Publisher’s Edition of Rusty Wallace: The Decision to Win is signed by Rusty Wallace and co-author Bob Zeller. It includes Rusty’s NASCAR Career Record, from his debut race in 1980 through the 1998 season. It also includes additional photographs and memorabilia from Rusty’s scrapbooks. A limited quantity remain in the individually numbered series of 2,000.

"In 1989, we made the ‘decision to win’. The decision to win is a whole lot different than saying, ‘Oh, we’ll do better this year.’ The decision to win was expecting more." –Rusty Wallace

Before the start of the 1989 NASCAR Winston Cup season, Rusty Wallace and his crew decided that no matter what they had to do, no matter how hard they had to work, no matter what obstacles they faced, they would find a way to win the championship. By the end of the year they had succeeded, beating out Dale Earnhardt by just 12 points in one of the most competitive series in memory.

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When he was a boy in Missouri, Rusty watched his father trade paint on the rugged local racetracks, and he knew that driving stock cars would be his life. A court order allowed him to begin competing at sixteen, and he won his first race. From then on, Rusty was determined to reach the top, to climb through the ranks of racing and compete in the NASCAR Winston Cup series. And while the years spent chasing the title held countless setbacks and sacrifices, through it all Rusty never lost his irreverent sense of humor and tell-it-like-it-is attitude.

Rusty Wallace: The Decision to Win is the revealing story of the unwavering determination and relentless desire to win that turned an energetic kid from St. Louis into a NASCAR Winston Cup champion. Illustrated with previously unpublished family photographs and memorabilia, and filled with anecdotes from family, friends, and competitors, Rusty Wallace: The Decision to Win is the personal account of how one man became a NASCAR champion, and the people who helped him do it.