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Author: Denise Wood
Format: Softcover, 9" by 10", 144 pages,
Photos: 91 color and 10 black-and-white photos
ISBN: 1-893618-31-5
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At the Heart of Racing

NASCAR Women: At the Heart of Racing offers revealing insights and anecdotes about the sport and business of stock car racing, told through the voices of its unsung heroines.

Though too few racing fans realize it, the NASCAR Winston Cup Series wouldn’t be possible without the participation of a remarkable range of women. In NASCAR Women: At the Heart of Racing, author Denise Wood profiles a cross-section of women—from drivers’ wives to top executives and team owners—who have been instrumental in making NASCAR America’s biggest spectator sport.

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Wood, who played her own part as a racing journalist and team PR executive, tells the stories of 13 of NASCAR’s most notable women. Among them:

Stevie Waltrip, wife of three-time Winston Cup champion Darrell Waltrip, who fought to allow women into garages so they could support their husbands with timing, scoring, and fuel economy calculations.

Deb Williams, one of NASCAR’s first and most widely read female reporters

Lesa France Kennedy, president of International Speedway Corporation, which owns and operates Daytona and 11 other NASCAR tracks.

Gail Davis, who, with her husband, Bill, established a successful trucking company before starting their own team in the NASCAR’s Busch and Winston Cup Series.

While each woman’s story is unique, they all share a common theme—the struggle to win a position in a uniquely competitive environment that, until recently, was overwhelmingly dominated by men.

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