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Author: Barry Rowe and Gary Doyle
Format: 156 pages
Photos: 68 paintings with 19 details and 9 sketches
ISBN: 1-893618-34-X
Price: $125.00
Atmosphere and Light Atmosphere and Light
The Automotive Paintings of Barry Rowe

Atmosphere and Light: The Automotive Paintings of Barry Rowe is limited to 1,500 numbered copies presented in an attractive and protective British Racing-Green slipcase. Each copy is signed by artist Barry Rowe and author Gary Doyle.

Barry Rowe paints his historic subjects with a deco feel that is entirely in keeping with what is perhaps his favorite era, the 1920s and 1930s. Crowd scenes particularly interest him because they provide an opportunity to show human interaction with the machines, which Barry finds more compelling than portraying cars alone in a static setting or racing past at speed. His paintings, whether of a grand touring car on an open road in Europe or a chaotic competition scene, are imbued with a quality of atmosphere and light that is uniquely Barry’s.

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Atmosphere and Light offers the first retrospective of Barry’s work, with paintings and sketches selected and organized to exhibit the breadth of his style. This book also explains the historical context of his paintings and describes in Barry’s words the important considerations and individual approaches to his commissions. This satisfying combination offers a new way to enjoy and appreciate the rich scope of Barry’s paintings.