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Author: Günther Raupp
Format: 23” x 16” 12 month wall calendar printed on heavy
Photos: 13 color photographs
ISBN: 978-3-938316-29-0
Price: $39.95
2018 Scuderia Ferrari Calendar 2018 Scuderia Ferrari Calendar
The Ferrari Formula One team staged a long-awaited turnaround in 2017, scoring multiple grand prix victories and challenging rival Mercedes-Benz for both the drivers and constructors championships. Once again, scuderia was led by two former world champions, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen.

The 2018 Official Scuderia Ferrari Calendar gives fans a close-up view of the team through stunning images taken by the world´s top motorsports photographers. And the extra-large format and high-grade printing add to the impact of each shot.
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Competitors come and go, but Ferrari still sets the standard for greatness in Formula One. From the very first F1 race in 1951 through the present day, Ferrari is the only team to have always competed in the world championship.

The dramatic images in the Official Scuderia Ferrari calendar capture the power and beauty of Ferrari’s latest race cars and the intensity of the competition at circuits all over the world. Each image offers an insider’s view of F1’s most enduring team in action, revealing drivers Vettel and Raikkonen in practice, in action on the track, and savoring victory on the podium. Beautifully printed on heavy art-gloss stock, the Official Scuderia Ferrari Calendar is a fitting tribute to the team and a must-have for serious fans.

2018 Scuderia Ferrari Calendar—List of Photographs By Month
January: Kimi Raikkonen finished fourth at the Bahrain Grand Prix, a race won by his teammate Sebastian Vettel.

February: Sebastian Vettel on the track at the Spanish Grand Prix, where he finished second behind Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes-Benz.

March: Vettel on the podium at the Sochi circuit after finishing a close second in the Russian Grand Prix.

April: Sebastian Vettel on the track at the Spanish Grand Prix, the fifth round of the 2017 Formula One season.

May: Raikkonen scored the fastest lap and finished third at the Russian Grand Prix. June: Vettel is reflected in a crewman's visor at the Monaco Grand Prix, where he won his third race of the 2017 season.

July: Raikkonen takes a curve at the first-ever Azerbaijan Grand Prix, where an oil leak ended his race after 46 laps.

August: Raikkonen's No. 7 car stands out against the desert landscape and night-time ambience at Bahrain.

September: A side view of Raikkonen at speed during the Spanish Grand Prix.

October: The wall of Baku City's Maiden Tower looms behind Vettel's car at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

November: A close head-on view of Raikkonen's car taking a corner in Spain.

December: Raikkonen emerges from the afternoon shadows at the Russian Grand Prix.
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