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Author: Wilfried Müller
Format: Hardcover with slipcase, 12” by 12”, 400 pages
Photos: 271 black-and-white and 78 color
ISBN: 978-3927458-76-5
Price: $115.00
Details: Legendary Sports Cars Up Close, 1965-1969 Details: Legendary Sports Cars Up Close, 1965-1969
The 1960s were an era of unprecedented change in international sports-car racing, particularly during the last half of the decade, when advances in engines, tires, and aerodynamic aid produced cars that were faster, more complex, and a greater challenge for even the best drivers. Details: Legendary Sports Cars Up Close, 1965-1969 uses a wealth of behind-the-scenes photographs to reveal how 54 classic sports cars were designed, built and raced. read more >
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The giants of the sports-car world are well-represented with sections covering such world-beating models as the Ferrari 330 P4 and 312P, the Ford GT40 and its descendents, and the Porsche 908 and 917. But the book also addresses prototypes built by new challengers like Chaparral, Lola, and Matra, who often used innovation and experimentation to level the playing field against the larger manufacturers. Along with the prototypes there are also cars built to compete in the GT classes and specialized events such as hillclimbs.

Details: Legendary Sports Cars Up Close, 1965-1969 presents its subjects in chronological order, staring with the Abarth OT Sport Spider in 1965 and concluding with the first generation Porsche 917 in 1969. The photographs, drawn largely from the McKlein motor racing archive, show cars under construction at the factory, revealing rarely-seen details of engine compartments, suspensions, bodywork and other key components. But there are also plenty of images that capture cars in action on the track and being prepared or serviced in the pits.

Details: Legendary Sports Cars Up Close, 1965-1969 is a full-color, 12” x 12” deluxe hardcover presented in a green slipcase featuring a Porsche 917. David Bull Publishing is proud to partner with Germany’s McKlein Publishing to market this unique and revealing book. Text in English and German.

“There isn’t a single dud among the book’s 400 pages.”

“This truly is a stunningly good book”
—New Zealand Classic Car
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