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Author: Pete Lyons; Photography by Peter Harholdt
Format: Hardcover with slipcase, 11” x 11”, 280 pages
Photos: 194 color photographs
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1-935007-11-1
Price: $395.00
Can-Am Cars in Detail (The Publisher’s Edition) Can-Am Cars in Detail (The Publisher’s Edition)

The Publisher’s Edition of Can-Am Cars in Detail is offered in a numbered series of 250 and features 36 additional pages of photographs and text covering 10 other rare Can-Am cars. Presented in a custom slipcase, this edition is signed by five great Can-Am constructors: Tyler Alexander (McLaren); Eric Broadley (Lola); Dan Gurney (AAR); Jim Hall (Chaparral); and Don Nichols (Shadow). It is also signed by five great drivers: Chris Amon; Mario Andretti; George Follmer (1972 champion); Jackie Oliver (1974 champion); and John Surtees (1966 champion).

See also, the Premium version of The Publisher’s Edition of Can-Am Cars in Detail. The book is bound in garment quality leather and presented in an aluminum box emulating the construction of a Lola monocoque.

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Chaparral produced cars with wings and suction fans and two engines. McKee made a car shaped like a wedge. Lola tried a car shaped like a bullet. Shadow investigated Tiny Tires. Ferrari built its biggest-ever engine for the Can-Am. And the first successfully turbocharged road racer was a Can-Am Porsche.

But the most successful Can-Am cars were those built to survive on North America’s most demanding road courses. McLarens were big and powerful and fast, but they were also technically conservative, with each season’s car no more advanced than was necessary to win. And win they did: McLaren cars dominated the series, winning five championships and better than 60 percent of all Can-Am races.

Can-Am Cars in Detail revisits 22 of these epic machines through stunning studio photography by Peter Harholdt and vivid descriptions by Pete Lyons, long considered the dean of Can-Am journalists. Can-Am cars are beautiful blends of art and action, pinnacles of engineering and craftsmanship that express the heights of human imagination and ambition and achievement. Seen in the chronological order that they appeared at Bridgehampton, Mosport, Laguna Seca and other classic road courses, these machines invite us to join them on a journey.

The following Table of Contents lists the cars featured in the book:
1. Chaparral 2E
2. Lola T70-Ford
3. Genie Mk 10B
4. McLaren M6A
5. Honker II
6. Caldwell D7
7. McLeagle
8. McLaren M8B
9. Ferrari 612 P
10. Ford 429’er
11. McKee Mk 10 “Wedge”
12. Chaparral 2H
13. AVS Shadow Mk 1
14. Porsche 917PA
15. Chaparral 2J
16. McLaren M8F
17. Lola T260
18. Porsche 917/10K
19. McLaren M20
20. Lola T310
21. Porsche 917/30
22. Shadow DN4

Additional cars featured in The Publisher's Edition:
23. Wilson Sting GW1
24. Burnett Mk II
25. Lola T70 Mk IIIB-Chevrolet
26. Lola T163 (restored by Budd Bennett)
27. Lola T160
28. Lola T163 (restored by Budd Bennett and Brian Blain)
29. McLaren M6B
30. McLaren M12
31. Shadow Mk III
32. McLaren M1B

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