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Author: Matt Stone and Luca Dal Monte
Format: Hardcover, 9” x 11”, 160 pages
Photos: 35 black-and-white and 124 color photos
ISBN: 978-1-93500708-01
Price: $39.95
The Ferrari Phenomenon The Ferrari Phenomenon
An Unconventional View of the World’s Most Charismatic Cars
How much do you really know about Ferrari, the world’s coolest, most exciting carmaker? Why did Enzo Ferrari favor purple ink for all of his personal correspondence? Why didn’t Mario Andretti ever become a full-time Ferrari driver? Which Hollywood actress inspired a shade of silver paint that is still available from Ferrari today? And where’s the best place for an authentic meal when you’re visiting Maranello? read more >
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In The Ferrari Phenomenon, authors Matt Stone and Luca Dal Monte offer a unique perspective on the iconic car manufacturer. They begin with a revealing biographical sketch of Enzo Ferrari himself—from his childhood to his often-secret private life—and they explain the founding of the company in Modena, and its later move to Maranello. The book concludes by profiling the new generation of executives responsible for the company’s success today, and the dramatic contemporary architecture of the Maranello campus.

Throughout the book, the authors approach their subject in a manner that’s a little less serious—and a little more fun. The book explores the lighter and lesser-known sides of Ferrari, not only through conventional chapters and text, but also in shorter, quick-reading pieces such as lists, quotes, and detailed photo captions. The result is an original account that begins with young Enzo’s dreams, long before he ever thought of producing cars under his own name, and covers rare and one-off Ferrari cars, little-known episodes from Ferrari history, and praise and complaints from great drivers and famous Ferrari owners. There’s also a virtual tour of the Ferrari factory, and even advice on what to see on a visit to Maranello.

Richly illustrated and beautifully designed, The Ferrari Phenomenon will give even die-hard tifosi new insight into the exciting and colorful world that is Ferrari.
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Truth be told, we were sold when the first page we turned to featured a pic of Bill Harrah's Ferrari V12-powered 'Jerrari' (Jeep Wagoneer). Great stuff.

After six decades and innumerable books published about Ferrari, one could believe that everything that could be said, has already been said.
-Vintage Racecar

Just when you think you know everything about Ferrari, along comes a book that reveals a few more interesting nuggets.
- AutoWeek

An outstanding pick for any auto buff's collection.
- The Midwest Book Review

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