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Author: Andrew Trevitt
Format: softcover, 9” by 11”, 128 pages
Photos: 100 color photos & 20 color illustrations/diagrams
ISBN: 1-893618-45-5
Price: $24.95
Sportbike Suspension Tuning Sportbike Suspension Tuning
How to Improve Your Motorcycle’s Handling and Performance
Suspension systems on today’s sportbikes offer an unmatched variety of adjustments, but understanding how those adjustments work, and how to combine them to tailor your motorcycle to your riding style can be just as challenging as riding well. That’s why many riders never try to make the most of their bike’s high-tech suspension—simply because they don’t know where to start or are afraid of making their bike handle worse rather than better. Now, in the first book that specifically addresses sportbike suspension systems, Andrew Trevitt, senior editor of Sport Rider magazine and a former roadracer, guides you through the process of setting up your bike ’s suspension to suit your riding style.

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Sportbike Suspension Tuning covers the basics—setting static sag for your weight—as well as more subtle and advanced adjustments, such as how to optimize rear-end squat. A comprehensive discussion on chassis geometry, suspension technology, and the many interactions among adjustments helps demystify suspension tuning. Andrew also explains how to analyze various handling symptoms and make adjustments to correct them. Plus, he offers specific setup techniques for both the street and the track.

You will be amazed by how much better your bike will feel after its suspension is correctly set up, and by how much more confident your riding will be with the improved handling. Sportbike Suspension Tuning will give you the necessary skills to experience the difference.

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