Reviews: Sportbike Suspension Tuning

“Highly recommended.”
Sportbike Suspension Tuning is an outstanding primer on a complex subject, and Trevitt leads us logically from ignorance to wisdom . . . The basic question for the reader: can this material be used effectively in the real world of riding on the road and on track. Answer: definitely. Trevitt has produced a manual of high quality and daily usefulness, written in direct and accessible language. As usual with David Bull books, this is a beautifully produced offering with photographs of exceptional clarity (mostly by the author, the various sport-bike manufacturers, Marc Cook, and Riles & Nelson) that along with the diagrams illustrate the text beautifully. Highly recommended.
—Roadracing World

“A bargain.”
Trevitt's book neither insults the intelligence nor baffles us with arcane terminology or concepts. He starts with the basics and ends up explaining anti-squat via all points in between, all helped with copious color photos and a few diagrams. For the life of me I can't think of another book in English that covers the same sort of terrain, so I suspect that there's an audience for the information in this 128-page softback. It's published by David Bull Publishing for $24.95, which given the state of the dollar on the international exchange markets, makes it a bit of a bargain.